Onboarding Service

GDSN deployment for the trade only works if the suppliers also provide data in the GDSN. Therefore, we offer in addition to data pool access further support, which can be booked in the context of a project depending on the workload.

We support you in planning, designing and executing your supplier on-boarding process. And we are also happy to take on temporary roles and responsibilities in your onboarding process.

For b-synced, there will be an Invitation Manager at the end of Q1/2018 for b-synced, which will allow you to invite your suppliers directly to use b-synced. This enables your trading partners to access the GDSN in the simplest possible way. And you keep the supplier uplinking firmly in your own hands without being dependent on the onboarding activities of external service providers.

Turn your supplier on-boarding into a success story with b-synced!

Own data quality rules

Electronic data synchronization between industry and trade only supports the value-adding processes optimally if optimal data quality is achieved. The GDSN already offers a small number of globally uniform, basic validation rules for this purpose, which already ensures a rudimentary data quality.

Because these validation rules do not cover country-specific or industry-specific requirements, there are on-top profile validation rules. Exactly these country- and industry-specific quality requirements are taken into account and increase the data quality considerably.

b-synced goes one step further and allows data recipients to define their own, dealer-specific quality rules and make them transparent to data suppliers. This means that the data quality can be improved once again by a decisive last step in order to meet even the very highest quality standards.


Standard2Any Mapping

For many potential data recipients, participation in the GDSN fails because the GDSN message formats cannot be processed and an appropriate implementation cannot or should not be carried out. In order to use the data in your own systems and to be able to use it for the value-adding processes, costly transformations of the format would be necessary.

B-synced also offers the right solution here. In our Standard2Any Mapping we take over the transformation of the GDSN message formats into a format desired by the customer, depending on the workload and for a fee.


Your advantages:

  • Receive data in any format
  • no adaptation of own systems necessary
  • no effort for the implementation of your own GDSN interface or a “GDSN-ready” solution
  • You benefit from the enormous amount of available article information in the GDSN