18.09.2017 | News


b-synced – The new German GDSN data pool

The Bayard Consulting Group provides easy, affordable and good access to the GDSN with b-synced, the new German GDSN data pool – automation included.

Cologne September 18,2017 – the Bayard Consulting Group introduces its new solution b-synced, the new German GDSN data pool.
The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is a GS1-initiated and certified network of data pools, which today has more than 44,000 participants (GLNs) worldwide and in which product information on more than 24 million articles (GTINs) is registered and available.

b-synced is a data pool for industry, commerce and health care that will give its customers access to the GDSN. Today, b-synced already allows its customers to exchange product information in GDSN format.

The GDSN certification of b-synced by GS1 Data Excellence Inc. will be done in Q1/2018.

Today, data exchange between industry and commerce and in healthcare suffers from the fact that GDSN is technically very difficult to implement, as it is a global standard. This means that data between the participants is not synchronized between IT systems, but rather entered into the data pool by industry. Therefore, quality and timeliness are often questionable.

That’s why b-synced relies on the easy connection of existing IT systems and the automated transfer of product information. b-synced receives any data from its customers and automatically prepares it for GDSN compliance. A state-of-the-art REST API is also available for the system connection.

Data quality depends on the application and the processes in which the product information is used. Therefore, b-synced offers its data-relating customers the possibility to define their own quality rules, apply them to the data received and publish them transparently for their suppliers.

b-synced is a solution from the BC Services GmbH, which as part of the Bayard Consulting Group offers platforms and services for its customers.

The Bayard Consulting Group offers its customers from trade, industry and health care a comprehensive range of solutions ranging from consulting and services to software development in the context of their digitization strategy with a special focus on PIM, MDM and GDSN.