18.09.2017 | News


ecoinform & b-synced – Organic article data for the LEH

The ecoinform GmbH (the makers of ecoinform) and the Bayard Consulting Group (the makers of b-synced – The new German GDSN data pool) have set themselves the goal of making it as easy as possible for manufacturers to provide data for conventional retail trade and offer a new and inexpensive solution.

Cologne, 18 September 2017 – The two partners complement each other perfectly: the team of the ecoinform GmbH looks back on a longstanding practice in which a unique database for organic products and sustainable products has been established. The ecoinform GmbH is experienced in dealing with small and medium sized manufacturers or manufactories and specializes in food, food service and non-food. The Bayard Consulting Group primarily serves large companies from trade, industry and healthcare with a focus on GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network), PIM (Product Information Management) and MDM (Master Data Management) and offers platforms and services for its customers in this context.

The partners can now provide reliable and stable GDSN data. The reason: The ecoinform GmbH uses the PIM system developed and successfully operated for 20 years, so that manufacturers of organic food and food products can publish their product data via ecoinform directly via b-synced to the GDSN and the conventional food retail trade connected to it without further interfaces.

“It is a milestone that article master data for natural food products can now be used for conventional food retail without any further technical effort. Organic producers are already waiting for this service to provide additional sales channels,” says Wolfgang Giesler, Managing Director of the ecoinform GmbH.

But the focus is also on manufacturers of conventional products who have not yet found the right tool or support to send electronic data to the trade.

With our experience in providing transparent and high-quality descriptions of the products to organic buyers, we set the bar for master data higher than existing standards require from the outset, or other suppliers of article master data could currently do so. Retailers are very pleased with this prospect,” says Björn Bayard, Managing Director of the Bayard Consulting Group.

About the ecoinform GmbH:
The ecoinform GmbH was founded by Wolfgang Giesler. He has been running the leading product database of the organic food trade for 20 years and is a visionary and pioneer in the digitalisation of the organic sector with regard to master data and their exchange.

The resulting team of the ecoinform GmbH is familiar with the operation of an independent data pool and thus brings with it the expertise for the needs of the trade as well as the manufacturers. Our experience with many different systems and the individual requirements of several hundred dealers and web shops has enabled us to build up a proven special knowledge for interfaces and mapping.

The ecoinform GmbH also provides support for other PIM systems in the partnership with the Bayard Consulting Group.


About b-synced:
b-synced is a data pool for industry, commerce and health care that will give its customers access to the GDSN. Today, b-synced already allows its customers to exchange product information in GDSN format.

The certification of b-synced by GS1 Data Excellence Inc. will be done in Q1/2018.

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is a GS1-initiated and certified network of data pools that today has over 44,000 subscribers (GLNs) worldwide and in which product information on more than 24 million articles (GTINs) is registered and available.

b-synced is a solution from the BC Services GmbH, which as part of the Bayard Consulting Group offers platforms and services for its customers.

The Bayard Consulting Group offers its customers from trade, industry and health care a comprehensive range of solutions ranging from consulting and services to software development in the context of their digitization strategy with a special focus on PIM, MDM and GDSN.