Viamedici EPIM integration with b-synced

Viamedici EPIM offers suppliers a direct integration into the GDSN data pool b-synced. Both systems bring their strengths to bear and offer data suppliers an easy, automated and reliable integration of product data into the worldwide GDSN.

With its flexible data model, Viamedici EPIM offers the possibilities of comprehensively maintaining and enriching product data for the GDSN in a central data source. Viamedici EPIM’s publication management enables the publication of products from a central location to all target markets. Similarly, product data can also be maintained decentralized in the regional organizations and published from there to different target markets.

An integrated workflow management (BPMN 2.0) is the basis for maintenance and publication processes. Predefined processes can be used, but also individually customized.

Process-based quality management and validation of product data against the requirements of the data model in the data pool is very important in this context. In addition to a simple validation during entry and import of product data, the product data is also automatically validated by the b-synced data pool without the need to publish it. This is an example of the deep integration of the two systems.

The administration, preparation and aggregation of the messages is handled by the data pool b-synced. The messages and validation results are displayed both in the backend of the data pool and at various points in the PIM system. There the information can be displayed in an aggregated form in the dashboard, but also directly for each product.

Data model

Data maintenance in Viamedici EPIM (GDSN data model)

The GDSN data model with its additional attributes for the community profiles of the different countries and target markets can be stored directly in the PIM system. For the data maintenance only the relevant attributes can be displayed there. The data maintenance masks can thus be different for each country and user.

Individual data models (attributes and value lists) can also be defined in EPIM; the publication module then ensures smooth mapping into the GDSN target format.

Data maintenance in Viamedici EPIM (GDSN data model)

Workflow and data quality

Process for data validation (BPMN diagram)

Process for data validation (BPMN diagram)

Data maintenance is workflow-driven. Up to the complete product data record, several systems may have provided data for the PIM (PLM, formula databases, DAM, …) and different users may be involved in the data maintenance.

Manual releases, automated quality gates up to the validation of the product data in the data pool can be integrated into the workflow. With the task lists and graphics in the dashboard you always keep the overview.

Media Asset Management

Data maintenance in Viamedici EPIM (media assets)

Pictures, graphics, documents or videos relating to the articles can also be placed in the GDSN via the integrated media portal.

Data maintenance in Viamedici EPIM (media assets)

Dashboard and Data Quality Index

GDSN-Dashboard in Viamedici EPIM

GDSN-Dashboard in Viamedici EPIM

In addition to workflow-driven, structured data maintenance, the data quality in the PIM is permanently checked and displayed by the Data Quality Index module.

Besides the GDSN validation, which is performed by the b-synced data pool, the data quality is also displayed for other output channels such as eCommerce, data exchange or print.

Publishing to the GDSN

Publishing an article from the PIM to the GDSNN

Product data from EPIM is published through the b-synced data pool via the GDSN standard message format CIN to the GDSN.

Publishing can be fully automated, by simply releasing the new created data in the GDSN or by changing the data for an update. Individual products and product groups can also be published directly with only one click.

The global release or the release for specific target markets in the GDSN via message format CIP can be triggered automatically or manually.

Publishing an article from the PIM to the GDSN

Communication with data recipients

Display of the recipients of the article (Pub/Sub matches)

Display of the recipients of the article (Pub/Sub matches)

The comments on data quality by the data recipient (message format CIC) are categorized and aggregated in the b-synced data pool and displayed in an easy to read format in the PIM, either in the dashboard or directly for each product.

The direct visibility of these messages during article maintenance improves data quality.