Syndigo PIM Integration with b-synced

Syndigo Product Information Management (PIM) offers comprehensive GDSN functionality with direct connection to the b-synced data pool in one integrated module. Syndigo PIM is one of the few PIM systems that supports the complete GS1 product data mode – powerful, complete, and all through a simple user interface.

Syndigo has been named a Gartner “Visionary” for Master Data Management for four consecutive years. Syndigo transforms data to better experiences and ensures it’s the right data to the right person at the right time. Multi-domain and cloud-native, Syndigo provides quick ROI and smart long-term investment with product and customer experience management on an infinitely scalable MDM foundation.  

The GDSN module of Syndigo PIM supports bi-directional communication. Syndigo supports both the sending and publishing of product information by suppliers and the receiving of product information by retailers or other data consumers.


GS1 GDSN Dashboard

The GDSN dashboard is your entry point to the GUI. The most important key figures are clearly displayed and a quick access to the corresponding detailed views is possible here. The Dashboard also helps to make the process steps transparent with regard to the GDSN choreography. From enrichment and validation according to the GDSN rules, through subsequent editing in case of validation errors, publishing to customers and target markets, up to withdrawal and de-publication of products, the GDSN dashboard shows the relevant products for the next step and thus helps to keep track of the process. The products for which there is feedback (CIC messages) from the recipients of the data are also displayed here.


GS1 GDSN – Items Management – Dashboard

The item management view provides an overview of all products including the associated status information. From there, products can be searched, filtered and taken over for editing. The essential product attributes, for example the GTIN, the short description or the packaging level are of course available as search criteria. But you can also use this view to conveniently filter by the validation and publication status.

GS1 GDSN – Items Management – Dashboard


GS1 GDSN Item Editor
GS1 GDSN Hierarchy Editor

Individual product data records can be edited with the item editor. The GS1 data model is fully supported here. A search function helps to find the necessary attributes quickly. Convenient dropdown menus for code lists support the user when entering attribute values. Repeatable and grouped attributes, which are quite common in the GS1 data model, can be added through easy-to-use controls. The packaging hierarchies can also be edited in a very clear display. 

Error messages and warning

Error Items

The content of the feedback from data recipients (i.e. CIC messages) are clearly displayed. In the GDSN, responses are often automatically generated based on industry standards and the associated rules. Such information typically has the same content, but comes from many different data recipients. Syndigo PIM’s GDSN module combines these in a meaningful and contextual way, helping you keep track of the information.

Error Items