Discovery Workshop

Using a GDSN data pool and the implementation of the GDSN standard often often comes along with challenges and questions.

  • What is GDSN about?
  • Which data needs to be provided?
  • Where does the data come from within the company?
  • How does the quality assurance of this data take place?
  • And how is the data provided to the data pool?

We will give answers to these questions. Develop your individual approach for the use of a GDSN data pool in a full-day workshop together with us.

Participants on the customer side are usually responsible for marketing, sales, product management and the master data team of your company.

GDSN data pool access

Access to the GDSN in a few steps.
Check in as a b-synced user, select a suitable pricing model that fits your scope of use, configure a communication channel and you are immediately GDSN-ready.

You can send your GDSN-XML messages directly to the b-synced data pool and make them available for retailers connected to the GDSN. Or you can use a GDSN-ready solution from our partners.

Over 44,000 subscribers (GLNs) today use the GDSN as a platform for global master data synchronization between manufacturing and retail. As a manufacturer you have access to more than 1.700 data recipients in the GDSN for which are today already more than 24 million items (GTINs) available.

b-synced offers full control for your GDSN activities in a clean and easy user interface.

  • sent messages
  • error in messages
  • retailer feeback on data quality and synchronization status

GDSN – easy, affordable, good!

Any2Standard Mapping

Every manual activity is time-consuming and error-prone. Error correction means consequential effort. This is why b-synced relies on the easy integration of existing IT systems and the automated transfer of product information in order to reduce manual activities as far as possible.

The challenge for suppliers is to provide data to the data pool. To implement the GDSN message standard, a separate GDSN XML interface is required. Or a software solution for the administration of master data that includes such an interface.

b-synced offers an alternative to all suppliers who cannot or do not want to generate GDSN-compliant XML messages themselves and who cannot or do not want to implement a GDSN-ready solution.

In the Standard2Any mapping we create an individual mapping for you, depending on the effort and costs, so you can make your product data available in any desired format. We transform this data into the GDSN-compliant XML format.

Your advantages:

  • Data provisioning in any format
  • no adaptation of own systems necessary
  • no effort for the implementation of your own interface or a GDSN-ready solution
  • significantly less effort for manual data capturing and error correction