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The easiest and fastest way

b-synced provides a simple xlsx template that allows you to export or manually enter your product data. Simply upload the completed file via Web UI and b-synced will guide you through the validation and publication process.

If your data recipients perform further validations and inform you of the result via CIC message (CIC = Catalog Item Confirmation), b-synced offers you a sophisticated reporting system that allows you to review data errors and correct your data.

Super easy! Also, it’s affordable – the Excel upload is already part of your b-synced subscription.


Media Asset Store

Your storage location for product images and other documents

With our Media Asset Store we offer you a means to store product images and other documents (e.g. safety data sheets) safely and cost-effectively in the cloud. All files are located on our platform and can only be accessed by recipients. This enables you as a manufacturer to provide your trading partners with high-quality images for online and offline use and to push forward your digital brand management.

And the best of all: The links to your image files are automatically added to your product data and transferred to your data recipients.

Further information

Manual data acquisition and enrichment

Based on our content syndication platform „SyncManager“

You already have your data available digitally in one or more systems and may only have to add a small part manually – then our content syndication platform incl. GS1 GDSN “SyncManager” is the solution.

We connect your systems containing product information to SyncManager. We set up enrichment and release processes for you, and then your quality-tested product information is already available to your customers.


Transparent pricing with Price Sync

Use the GS1 GDSN for your price information

The GS1 GDSN does not only promote the exchange of article master data – price information can be shared via the global standard as well. Through its freshly certified Price Sync function, b-synced enables manufacturers to provide their price information according to the standard’s rules, and retailers benefit from clearly communicated price conditions.

The GS1 GDSN does not only offer structured processes for your article data – price information can be exchanged transparently and reliably via the global standard as well. For this, it doesn’t matter whether you manage your price conditions in an ERP system or in an Excel sheet. b-synced ensures a seamless integration of data from all sources, thereby facilitating the communication with retailers.

Further information

Using a PIM System

Informatica Product360, Viamedici EPIM or pirobase imperia PIM

Do you want to establish Product Information Management as a business process in your company and want to introduce a professional PIM system?

Talk to us! We support you in the selection and implementation of a professional PIM system. In addition, we ensure a subsequent connection to b-synced and the data supply to your customers via GS1 GDSN.

Our “Any2standard” mapping

Provide your data in any format

Der GDSN Datenpool – Einfach. Günstig. Gut. | b-synced

You have implemented a PIM system or another system that maintains all GS1 GDSN-relevant product information?

We will create a mapping for you! You provide us with your product information in any format and we will convert it to GS1-XML. Via the Web-UI of b-synced you can directly view the feedback of your customers about your data (CIC).

Der GDSN Datenpool – Einfach. Günstig. Gut. | b-synced

Using the b-synced-API

Provide data via GS1 XML messages

Der GDSN Datenpool – Einfach. Günstig. Gut. | b-synced

Your PIM system provides a standard interface or your IT strategy is “Make and NOT buy”. Then you can use our b-synced API to send and receive GS1 XML messages directly.

And best of all: The b-synced API is included in our standard price!


You can’t decide?

We will find the right solution for you.

Der GDSN Datenpool – Einfach. Günstig. Gut. | b-synced

So many options! We support you with our experience to determine which of the above listed options is best for you – strategically, process-wise, and always with an eye on costs.

Book your individual Discovery & Scoping Workshop!

Der GDSN Datenpool – Einfach. Günstig. Gut. | b-synced