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Why b-synced?


b-synced relies on the easy connection of existing IT systems and the automated transfer of product information. b-synced receives any data from its customers and automatically prepares it for GDSN compliance.

  • access to the GDSN</li in just a few steps>
  • automate any data format into GDSN data
  • REST-API for system connections available
  • with a solution from our partners immediately “GDSN-ready”


b-synced is available in a monthly subscription model, depending on your company size and your use as a data provider or data recipient.

  • price model that fits the size of the company
  • depending on the number of GTINs
  • independent of the current data volume
  • No suitable price model available? Individual models possible


b-synced offers data recipients the possibility to define their own data quality rules and make them transparent for their suppliers. b-synced offers its customers the best possible support at all times.

  • own quality rules for data receivers
  • practice-oriented training and workshops
  • Support from experts
  • unbeatable performance


Participants in the GDSN (GLNs)


Data receiver in GDSN (GLNs)

24.2 Mio

Products in GDSN (GTINs)

Discovery Workshop

What is the GDSN?
Which data must be provided?
Where does this data come from in the company?
How does the quality assurance of these data take place?
And how is the data made available to the data pool?

Develop your individualized procedure model for using a GDSN data pool in a full-day workshop.

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Onboarding Service

Retail GDSN deployment only works if suppliers also provide data in the GDSN. We support you in the planning, design and implementation of your supplier on-boarding process.

Invite your suppliers to b-synced and provide your trading partners with easy access to the GDSN and high quality product information.

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Data pool access

Access to the GDSN.
in just a few steps
You register as a b-synced user, select a suitable pricing model that fits your scope of use, configure a communication channel and are immediately “GDSN-ready”.

You can send your GDSN-XML messages directly to the b-synced data pool and thus make them available to merchants connected to the GDSN.
Or you can use a “GDSN-ready” solution from our partners.

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Any2Standard Mapping

You cannot generate GDSN-compliant XML messages yourself? And don’t want or can’t implement a “GDSN-ready” solution?

No problem!
We create an individual mapping for you. You provide your product information in any format and we convert this data into the GDSN-compliant format.

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Standard2Any Mapping

You are a data receiver, but you cannot participate in the GDSN yet because you cannot process the GDSN message format? Or would you like to receive product information from the GDSN in an individual format for automated further processing in your systems?

We create an individual mapping for you and convert the GDSN message standard to your desired format.

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price models*:

99 €
per month
Invite User
Max. 150 GTINs
199 €
per month
Invite user
Max. 1.000 GTINs
999 €
per month
Data Quality Manager
Invite user
Unlimitierte GTINs
upon request
No suitable price model?
Talk to us about it!

*The GDSN certification for b-synced by GS1 Data Excellence Inc. is planned for Q1/2018.
From now on b-synced is available as closed beta for tests.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.