Manufacturers, hospitals and purchasing associations in the healthcare sector have to face a wide variety of challenges in data synchronization on a daily basis.

Essential factors for this are the industry-specific and legal requirements, both for data senders and recipients in this sensitive area.

b-synced supports all industry-specific formats and requirements from the healthcare sector for data synchronization with GDSN and enables the participants a simple and fast connection to the GDSN.

Current formats and requirements in healthcare include the following:

  • Worldwide exchange of article master data in GDSN
    • Support of the global standard BMS 3.1
    • Support of GS1’s country-specific application recommendations
      • In DE/AT/CH: Current profile FMCG 6.12-1
        (valid from 12 December 2018)
      • All other target market specific profiles
  • Transfer of product classifications
  • GPC (Global Product Classification, successor to CCG Standard Product Classification) incl. feature bars
  • eCl@ss (up to the current version 10.1 and older versions)
  • Compliance with UDI (Unique Device Identification)
  • Maintenance of UDI-relevant Information
  • Registration of products in the GUDID (Global UDI Database)
  • Connection to HCDP (Healthcare Content Data Portal)
  • Transmission of product information to HCDP by GDSN