With b-synced you can receive or distribute your data seamlessly via the GDSN.

b-synced has complete coverage of all industry-specific requirements in the cosmetics industry for data synchronization between suppliers and retailers / drugstores.

The current formats and requirements in the cosmetics industry include these:

  • Worldwide exchange of article master data in GDSN
    • Support of the global standard BMS 3.1
    • Support of GS1’s country-specific application recommendations
      • In DE/AT/CH: Current profile FMCG 6.12-1
        (valid from 12 December 2018)
      • All other target market specific profiles
  • Transfer of product classifications
    • GPC (Global Product Classification, successor to CCG Standard Product Classification) incl. feature bars
  • Transfer of dangerous goods data to ensure compliance
    • Hazardous goods class
    • UN dangerous goods number
    • Safety data sheet number
    • GHS Pictograms
  • Transfer of logistical information
    • Packaging hierarchy
    • Dimensions
    • Weights
    • Orderable / deliverable unit
  • Transfer of links to files
    • Safety data sheet
    • Product information sheet
  • Digital brand management (influence on the presentation of own products in online retailer shops)
    • Transfer of marketing texts
    • Transfer of links to product images
  • Transfer of product group-specific data for Selective Cosmetics
    • Alcohol content in grams / in percent
    • Application text
    • Component in set
    • Article code Samples
    • Subgroup EDT